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Best air Travel Tips from MyTripDeals:

A long international or domestic air travel in these is days rarely fun. But why not taking some travelling guidelines that will make your air travel less complicated and you can complete your whole journey with comfort and joy. Here are some travelling guidelines that are not only best for you but also good for your fellow travelers.

1) Always try to pack less
Your goal is to always try to pack less or just have a hand luggage with you. Do you really need a lot of gifts, iron and pairs of dresses with you? Almost all airlines charge you for checking your bags. Leave all your old clothes you are not crazy about. In this way you may found more space in your bag. So the best practice is to carry those bags that are limited in size than you will travel faster, cheaper and easier.

2) Must think about your outfit
Carefully choose your outfit for your airplane trip. Dress not like how you look, but like how you feel. Usually people use to wear heals; short dresses and then complain that they are feeling cool. So try to avoid wearing sandals and shorts. The best practice is always take a jacket or scarf so when you feel cold you can put on and try to wear sturdy shoes that will protect your feet from sharp edges or heat.

3) Reserve your seats carefully
Most of the airlines allow you to choose your seat when you are booking your tickets, so always take advantage of this. In the holiday season seats are reserve faster, so if you not choose your seat according to your requirement than their might be chance that you and your love once scattered all over the plane. In the airplane even in the same class some seats are more important for some persons. Someone wants to book a window seat or some want to book aisle seat. So always try to book that seat that is far away from babies, groups and from toilets.

4) Must check your foreign Documents
When you are taking flight to another country always try to check your foreign documents twice. Because some countries like UAE, China, USA require a visa for entry. So must take care of all these requirements and confirm that you have visa, tickets, passport and all necessary documents with you.

5) Book first flight of the day
                You will get a lot of advantage by booking very first flight of the day. Yes you have to wake up early in the morning. But the airplanes are already present in the airport, so you don’t need to wait for airplane.

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