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Terms & Conditions -

1- Booking Conditions:


Firstly you need to reserve your ticket(s) and for that purpose you have to go through the booking procedure of "My Trip Deals Limited". Once you have made the reservation then you will have to make the confirmation of your booking which may either be in writing form or on telephone. The booking confirmation made on telephone would have equivalent significance as that of confirmation made in writing. The cancellation policy becomes applicable from the date of booking.

Booking confirmation:

The booking shall not be confirmed unless full booking payment is paid by the client. After confirmation of booking payment, you will get all of your booking details and hence your booking confirmation will be assured. Please remember that the person making this booking accepts all the terms and conditions as under: DEPOSITS & TICKETS ARE NEITHERREFUNDABLE NOR CHANGEABLE (Terms & Conditions May Apply). Deposits only secure seats and not the fare, therefore it is in your best interest topay off the balance amount at the earliest to avoid any fare difference (Increase in fare).

Full package payment deposition:

Your booking shall not be subjected to final confirmation unless full payment as per your plan & package is paid by you. The payment to be made would be deposited to us in the way described by our agent. Once you have confirmed full payment deposition, your booking process will be in the final phase of our booking process. Customers are requested to pay within one week of initial deposit.

Exact personal Information:

The client has to provide his/her exact and verified personal information like mailing address, contact number, etc. so that the client can be approached easily in case of any emergency. Moreover the travelling document dispatch requires the exact personal information of the client so that no inconvenience is faced by both parties.

2-Variations in traveling plan:
Airlines Fares variations:

The flight booked for travelling to your desired destination can be chartered flight or scheduled flight. In case of chartered flight, no surcharge will be applied to the fare displayed on the confirmation invoice. However in case of scheduled flights the fares may be subjected to variations as the scheduled airlines has the right of varying the fares at any time but if you pay the full payment (as per the selected package) before the due date of payment then the fare would not be subjected to any variation. It is to be taken into your consideration that our fares guarantee cannot tackle any variation made in fares of airlines due to the direct order of respective Government.

Variation in travelling plan by us:

My Trip Deals Limited. reserves the right of making variations in the travelling plan of its clients. The variations can be minor and major as well but the clients would be notified about the variation in time and full effort would be made to minimize the inconveniences. The variation can be in departure time or place of departure (airport), etc. But these variations would be faced only when the circumstances go beyond our control or due to some divine intervention, etc. However if it such unlikely event is likely to take place, we shall inform the clients about the variation and best efforts would be made to minimize the inconveniences faced by our clients. Also in such case the clients would have to corporate with us so that necessary steps are taken as soon as possible to eliminate the unforeseen inconvenience.

Variations in travelling plan by Client:

If client demands any variation in the travelling plan then the client has to inform us earlier so that we can fulfill the demand of client if possible. The settlement for variation would be made by the client with our agent who will guide the client about the feasibility and processes of desired variations.

3- Cancellation:

Cancellation policy would be applicable right after the initial payment made for booking. If the client wants cancellation of the booked package then the client has to inform us earlier so that respective measures are taken into considerations. The cancellation charges would be charged to the client and would be deducted from the initial deposit if the cancellation policy defined by your reservation agent is not followed. The client is requested to discuss cancellation policy with our reservation agent in detail so that no problem is faced by both parties.

Cancellation made by us:

We reserve the right of cancellation of travelling plan of client which may be due to any unforeseen circumstances. However if such thing happens e.g. the cancellation of travelling plan comes under consideration or the departure date and time changes then all respective information like new departure date or departure venue, etc. would be delivered to our client so that no inconvenience is faced by the client.

Cancellation made by client:

If due to any reason, the client wants cancellation of travelling plan then the client has to inform us about the cancellation 3 to 4 days before the departure date so that the client may not face loss of any form. The cancellation charges would be deducted from the initially deposited amount for booking purposes in case the cancellation policy is violated.

4-Client’s responsibility: 
Violation of Code of Ethics:

The clients are informed that violation of code of ethics and unethical behavior shown by our client would compel us to take strict actions against our client. Our clients are requested to full corporate with us in every aspect. If any unforeseen circumstances are faced then the client should not panic and start creating disturbances, rather the client has to remain calm and stay in contact with our agent to sort out the matters.

Travelling documents collection:

The client has to ensure that all travelling documents like airline tickets and booking details, etc. have been received by the client prior to the departure date. If any unforeseen circumstance is faced by the client such as the client fails to collect all required travelling documents, fails to reach at airport for departure, etc. then we shall not be responsible for any loss. In such case we shall not be able to make any decision in the favor of our client.